Project Subsidy

Open to individuals, collectives, groups and organisations in the entertainment industry, including but not limited to music, film & TV, theatre, and production. The objective is to provide financial support to help those working in the entertainment industry achieve their creative visions, create more job opportunities, and promote the sustainable development of the Malaysian entertainment scene. 

Application Criteria

Funding can be utilized to create and produce any form of entertainment content or activity, such as: singles ,music videos, online performances, live broadcasts, video productions, short films, etc. Rest assured that all submissions will be treated with utmost confidentiality and discretion.


Any individual, collective, group or organisation in related fields of work are welcome to apply for the fund. The applicant must be a citizen/permanent resident of Malaysia, or an organisation registered in Malaysia. 


Applicants can choose the appropriate category of subsidy based on the budget of their respective projects. 

Application date: 1st September 2021 to 31st December 2021

There are four (4) categories to choose from:


Category 1: Individuals, groups or organisations. Amount: RM5,000

Category 2: Individuals, groups or organisations. Amount: RM10,000

Category 3: Individuals, groups or organisations. Amount: RM20,000

Category 4: Individuals, groups or organisations. Amount: RM30,000 and above

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