What is the AMM Entertainment Fund?

The AMM Entertainment Fund is initiated and promoted by Asia Momentum Media (M) Sdn. Bhd. (AMM) to help relieve the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the entertainment industry. Through this fund, we hope to lessen the burdens of those working in entertainment, and at the same time, contribute in revitalising the industry.


During the pandemic, people have suffered from tremendous economic and psychological pressure. This has been especially difficult for the entertainment industry, where the community relies heavily on filming, production and performances. With events and activities put on hold, many individuals, groups and organisations are unable to earn any form of income. Anchored by a rich spirit of community and mutual generosity in support of the entertainment industry, AMM lends a helping hand by offering subsidies through the AMM Entertainment Fund. Together, we can make a difference to save our industry while the world recovers, providing assistance and employment opportunities during tough times.

The AMM Entertainment Fund is divided into two main categories: Personal Subsidy and Project Subsidy. We welcome applications from all individuals, organisations and companies in the entertainment industry.


When can I apply for AMM Entertainment Fund?

(1) Personal Subsidy

      Open for Application :   1st September 2021

      Application Deadline : 10th September 2021

(2) Project Subsidy

      Open for Application :   1st September 2021

      Application Deadline : 31st December 2021


If I am not affected by the pandemic, can I still apply and will my application be considered?

Yes, any practitioner in the local entertainment industry (whether in music, drama, film or television production, etc) who is a citizen/permanent resident of Malaysia, or an organisation registered in Malaysia, can apply. However, priority will be given to those who are affected by the pandemic.


How do I know if my application is successful?

You will receive an email notification from AMM stating the status of your application.


For successful applications

Successful applicants will receive an official email notification with the details:

• Approved amount of funding;

• Terms & Conditions of the funding programme;

• Performance goals and deliverables.

For unsuccessful applications

Unsuccessful applicants will receive an official email within the same notification period.


AMM will not be able to accept appeals. All decisions made are final.


 How can I apply for the AMM Entertainment Fund?

You can submit your application through AMM’s online platform at 



If my application is successful, how will I receive the funds?

The funds will be credited into your bank account based on the amount that has been approved.


Who should I contact if I have questions?

If you have any queries, please check out our Official Social Media Platforms: Facebook or Instagram ; or email us at entertainmentfund@ammtv.com.my