The widespread effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have taken a hit on many industries, and the Malaysian entertainment industry is no exception. Anchored by a rich spirit of community and mutual generosity, the AMM Entertainment Fund is a Personal and Project Subsidy programme, initiated and promoted by Asia Momentum Media (M) Sdn. Bhd. (AMM) to help relieve the negative impacts of the pandemic.


In our country, more and more people continue to suffer from the consequences of the pandemic. Many artists and creators are struggling as entertainment-related activities like filming, production, concerts and promotions have ceased due to strict safety restrictions. This has greatly affected the development of the Malaysian entertainment industry.

With this in mind, AMM hopes to lend a helping hand in boosting the entertainment scene. By investing in locally-produced content, we aim to create more opportunities that will allow the industry to shine bright once again. Therefore, AMM Entertainment Fund was set up to offer a helping hand, so that the entertainment industry and its people can continue to flourish despite difficult times like these. 


Starting 1st September 2021, the AMM Entertainment Fund will officially be open for application. We encourage those in the entertainment industry whose livelihoods have been affected by the pandemic to apply. Individuals and organisations seeking additional funds in the creation, production or execution of creative projects are also highly welcome.


Personal Subsidy

Open to all individuals in the entertainment industry, including but not limited to actors, singers, musicians, theatre performers, as well as film & TV production crew. Successful applicants will receive a fixed amount of subsidy.

​Deadline: 10th September 2021


Project Subsidy

Open to individuals, collectives, groups and organisations in the entertainment industry, including but not limited to music, film & TV, theatre, and production. The objective is to provide financial support to help those working in the entertainment industry achieve their creative visions, create more job opportunities, and promote the sustainable development of the Malaysian entertainment scene.

Deadline: 31st December 2021


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